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My name is Derek McElroy. Most people call me Mac for short. I'm a graphic designer who likes to make illustrations, music, prints, and sculptures. This is where I'll post all my work as well as anything I find inspiring, insightful, or just plain silly.


Sooo… I found this at the comic book shop while I was picking up issue #17 of the MLP comic. 

I bought it for the lulz. 
They didn’t have any more of the brony cover, so I got the variant. 

It’s a hilaaaarious parody comic of the fandom… I snapped pics of a few of my favorite panels. The whole thing is just great though, a perfect jab at the ridiculousness of the fandom. I love it and I hope they make more. Reminds me of Mad magazine. 

If you are easily prone to butthurt and/or lack a sense of humor, don’t read it. 

Holy fuckin’ shit! This is hilarious!

Seriously, heed Cosmic’s words, If you are easily prone to butthurt and/or lack a sense of humor, don’t read it.” 

For Tom.

This was from the trip back from Trotcon last year. Tom and I decided to document our amazement at the geological offerings of Ohio. Such a beautiful and…er…flat landscape. 

Completely the opposite of what I’m used to in northern Alabama where we have rolling hills, mountains, and trees.

Or to quote Tom the first time he came to Alabama, “WHY IS IT SO GREEN? THERE ARE TREES EVERYWHERE! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY TREES?”

Sorry to anyone from Ohio. 


I don’t care if you’re a brony or not this video is very important

Oh my god!

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I was bored so I I translated this.

Here is the original post

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I love how he glares around the room for monsters.

im not even a fan of homestuck but this

I need this in my life times a thousand.

I don’t even read Homestuck, but I swear if I ever have kids this is how I’m putting them to bed. 

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Asker tomjusttom Asks:
When I need to motivate myself to do something (homework, art, work, etc.), I throw myself into panic mode and throw myself into it. Like, "FUCK, I GOTTA DO THIS THING RIGHT NOW, AND I AM GOING TO SLAM EVERYTHING ON THIS HERE [THING] AND EVERYTHING'S ON THE LINE, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!" It's hard to teach self-motivation, though. :C
bigponymac bigponymac Said:

That won’t work for me because I never go into panic mode. You forget just how laid back I am, Tom. lol


Well, okay.

Is it bad that I bought Conception 2 based 100% on the fact that I found the premise to be hilarious? But I think the money was well spent with moments like this.

I need to get this. I haven’t even heard of the Conception series until I saw a tidbit in the new GameInformer and did a little research.

A dating sim/RPG where you make babies to save the world. How can that NOT be gold?

As for the last text post you wrote, I couldn't relate more to it. I sure take a lot of time with what I draw and happen to come across the same kind of question you made yourself. And it's no excuse, it's just the way we work. I don't think there's anything wrong in that.
bigponymac bigponymac Said:

There’s nothing wrong with it at all. I know artists that can crank out tons of art in a short amount of time. Others, like you and me, take longer. It doesn’t really matter how long it takes to make piece as long as the end product is what the artist set out to do. 

However, being slow becomes a problem (for me at least) when time is limited. For instance, right now. It is just past 12:30am (I got home an hour ago). I need to be in the bed by 3 or 4. That gives me about 2 to 3 hours to draw. If I’m lucky I could get a finished sketch drawn in that time. Inking and coloring are out of the question.

However, I can’t decide on what to draw and I’ll spend who knows how long trying to decide. There are days when I’m certain on what I want to accomplish and can dive right into it, but right now I’m going through a block and am very indecisive. It honestly kind of bumming me out.

I know the only way to fix it is to push through it, put pencil to paper, and draw whatever comes out, but I haven’t figured out how to kick myself in the ass to get motivated enough to do it. 


…I’m sorry anon, I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, I don’t have anything in mind for it! The colors I use for the moon’s surface are red-toned though, take that as you will!



This show is a treasure.  It’s too bad that tumblr spends its time bemoaning the brony phenom and making fun of the fanbase and conveniently forgets that the core material is pretty fantastic and worthy of praise.

I keep noticing awesome themes as I watch this show, and it makes me happy.

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